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Irrigation inspections and any repairs made at the date of service, come with a 7-day labor warranty on related service performed. We stand behind our work, but please be aware that when an inspection and repair is made, the service is considered complete. We do not warranty problems that can surface in the future. During the inspection, the technician will not be able to inspect all irrigation to LG plants and shrubs that are not accessible without causing damage. If the plant or shrub is thriving, the technician will assume proper irrigation needs are met. The Timer Guy, LLC and employees are not Horticulturalist/Arborist, and the suggested watering schedule is considered a recommendation. The Timer Guy LLC is not liable for any changes in plant growth or health.


All irrigation installs come with a 1-year warranty on labor installation. During the period of this guarantee and limited warranty, The Timer Guy, LLC will repair or replace any defects in the underground irrigation system without charge to the customer. The Timer Guy, LLC shall not be responsible for, any defects in the workmanship or devices of others upon which the system functions, nor for any damages resulting from the negligence of the customer or other service providers from vandalism, excavations, or any pet damage. Further, this guarantee and limited warranty does not apply to any defects or insufficiencies resulting from a decrease in water main static pressure, changes to landscaping, changes to plant growth, increases and decreases in the size of the customers' lot. For maximum efficiency, the irrigation system should be operating during nonpeak hours, when domestic water usage is at a minimum. During the guarantee and limited warranty, the customer shall be solely responsible for all adjustments to sprinkler heads, emitters, and controllers.

Artificial turf installs come with a 1-year warranty on labor installation. The manufacturer's warranty varies on supplier and product. The customer will be responsible for window treatments that may cause melting to turf material. Damage caused by reflection (melting) or other flammable materials is not covered under the turf warranty. Additionally, melting caused by other hot surfaces and roll crush is not covered by the warranty. Any stains or discolorations caused by excessive watering are also not covered under warranty. Damage caused to turf material by invasive vegetation including but not limited to, nutgrass or nut sage, roots, or similar growths will not be covered under warranty. All synthetic turf is subject to normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear is not a manufacturer defect and is not covered under warranty.

Landscape lighting installs come with a 1-year warranty on labor installation. The manufacturer's warranty varies on supplier and product.

 Planting of trees and shrubs when purchased from The Timer Guy LLC comes with a 90-day replacement warranty. The warranty does not cover trees and plants supplied by the customer. The warranty period is dated at the time of installation or purchase. 

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